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E9 make a hat-trick of environmental accreditations for electroplaters using Evolve14k1
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Overview of Evolve14k1

Simple ideas, effectively implemented

The principles we have used in creating Evolve14k1 are that:
simple ideas, intelligently deployed are the basis of all effective management systems
form should evolve from the function of a system
systems should be robust, simple to use, easy to follow and to understand

Evolve14k1TM works because it makes your job easier, reducing the time and effort involved in constructing and managing an environmental management system (EMS). Evolve14k1TM is
modular to meet the needs of all organisations both large and small for the successful and efficient management of organisational aspects and environmental effects.

Our systems allow you to construct a system rapidly around your objectives and targets and provides for the efficient management of any site or installation regardless of size and complexity.

The basic system is designed to describe how an organisation manages its environmental aspects according to the ISO14001 standard. It performs this function very effectively.

The system provides a number of additional desirable features including:

paperless documentation
easy administration functions that do not require you to have any special IT skills
a unique approach to the publication and sharing of system documentation that allows you to get far more from your system than a traditional approach

This unique approach to documentation is the basis of the more advanced functionality of Evolve14k1TM that will interest larger multi-site organisations, groups and international corporations.

Evolve14k1TM also has modules that facilitate wider networks allowing for corporate environmental governance, management of supply chain aspects that are equally applicable to horizontal and
vertical markets. These allow information sharing and alignment to be undertaken that enable groups of organisations to reduce the cost of accreditation and system maintenance.

Evolve14k1TM is platform independent so it doesn’t matter if you use Windows, Unix or MacOS in either a standalone or network environment. Evolve14k1TM will plug and play with your IT strategy with several potential implementations possible depending on your preferences and how you intend to use and manage the system.