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Thermal Surveys

E9 can perform Thermal Surveys of your plant, electrical distribution and building fabric. A thermal survey can show up faults before they become a problem allowing planned maintenance of the equipment rather than waiting for parts to fail.

As such thermal surveys are most effectively used as part of your overall Planned Preventive Maintenance regime. A systematic annual survey can show up changes over a period of time allowing you to identify those peices of equipment which require attention.

Thermal surveys can be used for a number of different purposes.

Electrical systems :
A survey is conducted of the electrical system particularly wiring junctions and control panels.
Hot spots in the system can be an indicator of faults
Help prevent fires, accidents and breakdown of equipment
Can identify undersized wiring
Many insurance companies offer a reduction in premium to companies which have regular electrical surveys
Mechanical Equipment :

Worn or stressed mechanical equipment, such as motor bearings will tend to get warm. As the wear increases the temperature of the bearing will increase.
This change in temperature can be spotted during regular thermal surveying.

Identify areas of energy waste
Furnaces and ovens :
Identify weak spots in refractories allowing maintenance before the refractory breaks down
Identify poor insulation of ovens and furnaces leading to enrgy loss
Building Fabric :
Thermal imaging can spot leaks in roofs long before they are noticeable to the human eye
Test the integrity of bunds
Check for leaks from underground pipework and drains
Building energy efficiency surveying

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