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Excellence, n. Surpassing merit
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Our staff and associates subscribe to our corporate values and put customers first.

E9 Limited is a company driven on policy and 9 guiding principles.

Excellence we are results oriented and define quality and value from our customer’s perspective.
Enterprise   we are creative and diligent, offering a full range of professional support services for industry and commerce.
Equity   we are impartial, fair and clear of judgment.
Edification   we learn, teach and share knowledge, constantly seeking fulfillment through the pursuit of wisdom.
Enjoyment   business occupies a lot of our time and brings us into contact with people, wherever possible this will be enjoyable and uplifting.
Empowerment   our customers buy our skills, know-how and resource to solve problems. We aim to leave our customers self-sufficient and capable.
Effectiveness   the services we offer are designed to meet an agreed brief, to address the opportunity or problem and deliver agreed benefits.
Enthusiasm   we are passionate about the things we do, through this we aim to lead and inspire.
Equality   we give all people the respect and trust that we would like to receive.
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