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Evolve software to aid environmental management
September 15th, 2004

An innovative new software programme is set to help companies across the UK tackle environmental management issues.

Evolve14k1™ has been devised by E9 Limited (based in Coventry and Sheffield) to help organisations construct systems to manage their environmental aspects. It will allow companies to improve their environmental controls and gain accreditation to ISO 14001 and help those who need to address Integrated Pollution Prevention Control.

It will also be suitable for companies who need to address the needs of complex supply chain relationships and will also meet the needs of large organisations. It has been designed in units to meet the needs of all organisations, whatever their size and its unique approach will help smaller companies equally as well as larger multi-site companies.

Its design will even suit the requirements of international corporations wanting to provide structure across divisions, time zones and geographical constraints and culture.

“Evolve14k1™ is robust, yet simple to use, easy to follow and to understand,” explained John Trainor, managing director of E9 Limited. “It works because it makes companies’ jobs easier, reducing the time and effort involved in constructing and managing an environmental management system.”

“Our systems allow organisations to construct a system rapidly around their objectives and targets and provide for the efficient management of any site or installation regardless of size and complexity.”

It also provides a number of additional features including: paperless documentation; administration functions that do not require staff to have specialist IT skills; and a unique approach to the publication and sharing of system documentation.

The various modules allow one system to be applied to many sites, administration tools to track its use and provide secure access and differentiated access privileges. The system will also change to meet the changing requirements and objectives of the organisation using it.

To find out more about Evolve14k1™ visit www.evolve14k1.biz or call 08456 444661


This news item is taken from theSeptember 2004 NAMTEC newsletter.

NAMTEC is a not for profit organisation established to increase the competitiveness of the UK metals industry. Services include a technical helpline, signposting to the science base and project management. NAMTEC is financed by the Department of Trade and Industry, Yorkshire Forward and the European Union’s Objective One Programme.

Evolve14k1™ is a trademark of E9 limited.

For more information contact: Dr. John R. Trainor, E9 Limited 08456 444 660

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