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Evolve helps Howco Group gain ISO50001 certification
October 1st, 2015

Howco Group is a major energy user with an annual Carbon Footprint exceeding 10,000 tonnes CO2e.  The annual cost of energy is currently in excess of £1.5m.  As energy supply costs rise in the short to medium term this cost will also rise significantly.

It was important for energy use to be addressed and managed throughout all aspects of the business in order to control these costs meet climate change obligations and reduce the Carbon Footprint of the business.  Since the project was implemented the government has announced ESOS which requires companies to manage energy where ISO50001 is not already in place.

The company approached NAMTEC for assistance in meeting its objectives.  NAMTEC Appointed E9 to provide the services and support to get the company to meet its objectives.

Implementing an Energy Management System

The internationally recognised standard for Energy Management Systems is ISO50001:2011.  The project rolled out a programme of energy measurement, monitoring and management to prepare Howco for certification to this standard.

Work included:-

  • Provision of a module of Evolve business process management software.

  • base-line data and a breakdown of energy use at all sites, 

  • setting of energy management objectives and targets, 

  • implementation of programmes to address these objectives and targets 

  • implementation of an Energy Management System framework using Evolve

Data collection and analysis

  • Review energy use on site.

  • Monitoring of specific plant or equipment to assess energy demand.

  • Analysis of available data.

  • Provide a breakdown of energy use at each site.

  • Define Energy Performance Indicators

  • To use all techniques of measuring and monitoring including thermal imaging, metering and data logging

Setting Objectives and Targets

  • Work with Howco to set up an energy committees and teams to address opportunities

  • Identify opportunities for energy reduction, better management and monitoring

  • Set energy management Objectives and Targets

  • Definition of timescales and resources required to meet Objectives and Targets

Implementation of ISO50001:2011

  • Provide framework ISO50001 system using Evolve software from E9

  • Work with Howco to implement processes, procedures and documentation required by the standard

  • Provide training, knowledge transfer and guidance to staff responsible for implementation.

  • Implement auditing process.

A team spearheaded by Derek Patton gained certification for all Howco Europe Plants achieved certification to ISO50001:2011 on 21 September 2015.

Andrew Marwood, European Operations Director of Howco Europe said “Derek Patton has done a great job pulling this together in a very short period of time using the systems and information supplied by E9”.

Dr. John R. Trainor, Managing Director of E9Limited said “I would like to congratulate Howco Group on being the first to take Evolve50k1 through to certification and for the hard work of Marius van der Colff and Derek Patton on this project”

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