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Enter the Dragon...
September 26th, 2012

Evolve into China

Chines DragonA Chinese language version of the Evolve suite of business management tools was today announced by E9 Limited.  Dr. John R. Trainor, Managing Director said “We are delighted to launch a complete variant of the Evolve suite of tools in simplified Chinese following customer demand”.

This development project illustrates the commitment of the company to the development of its customer services. The tool is a valuable organisational and labour saving method of managing quality, environment, health and safety. This is the first complete foreign language version launched in the 10 years the company has been trading. Other versions are expected to be launched where needed.

Marius van der Colff said “Our Evolve14k1, 9k1 and 18k1 tools were designed from the outset for integrated; distributed; and international use. A number of customers are using the full suite in a combined way suitable for PAS99 as well as the individual certifications.”


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