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Noise measuring at PMS Diecasting
November 5th, 2007

Dr John Trainor undertaking noise measurement at PMS DiecastingThe engineering and metals sector is an energy intensive and noisy sector. ‘Control of Noise at Work’ became a Statutory Instrument in 1989 under the Health and Safety at Work Act. Fifteen years on this area of occupational safety law has been revised and revisited, as it has become evident that the controls from 1989 have not reduced hearing loss sufficiently.

In 2005 the action levels in the legislation reduced by 5dB (as energy measurements are based on a logarithmic scale each 3dB approximately represents a doubling of the sound energy). Reducing the first action level from 85 to 80 dB and the second from 90 to 85 dB leaves many more companies with statutory occupational noise issues.

E9 Limited offer noise measuring using class 1 noise measuring equipment and class 2 personal dose monitors. They have developed their signature method of noise mapping that helps to

a. identify the key sources of noise and
b. establish the hearing protection zones.

The map also produces a helpful visual aid for management decision making.

The PMS Diecasting teamPMS Diecasting is dynamic and is continually in a flux of change. We are growing fast and are trying to optimise floor space utilisation”, said Gordon Panter, Managing Director of PMS. “E9’s noise monitoring alerted us to a number of issues and the control of noise became an integral constraint in planning the revised factory layouts”

“The factory floor has been made into a mandatory hearing protection zone, while a series of changes are implemented” commented Dr. John Trainor, Managing Director of E9 Limited. “Spot noise samples undertaken on a number of days allow us to understand the noise envelope and variation. Dosimetry provides an accurate personal evaluation for each type of employee. The results enable the best choice of hearing protection to be selected. They also contribute to strategic planning within this rapidly growing business as objectives and constraints.

“We consider E9 to be one of the team and have proven to be a reliable source of expertise ideas and solutions. NAMTEC and E9’s BAT 4 programme has been extremely valuable and is highly recommended.” concluded Gordon Panter.


NAMTEC is a not for profit organisation established to increase the competitiveness of the UK metals industry. Services include a technical helpline, signposting to the science base and project management. NAMTEC is financed by the Department of Trade and Industry, Yorkshire Forward and the European Union’s Objective One Programme.

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