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BAT3 eases permit review process
November 5th, 2007

Thessco logoThessco Limited is one of the world's largest manufacturers of silver brazing alloys, metal joining products and industrial silver alloys. They have been manufacturing precious metal alloys on their Sheffield site since 1760.

Having held their Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) permit for three years Thessco Limited were required to undertake a review of Best Available Techniques for all areas covered by the permit. As part of this they had to review their energy usage. “Our energy costs were rocketing as fuel costs went up so we not only wanted to review energy use for IPPC but also to try and save some money” explained Michael Collins, Engineering Manager for Thessco. “When we heard about the BAT3 programme we realised it was a match for our requirements.”

E9 came in and spent some time measuring energy consumption around the site to identify the main areas with cost saving potential. A number of measures were assessed, from simple no and low cost operational changes to investment in major new plant.

E9 were then able to produce the energy review required for IPPC along with assisting Thessco in writing an Energy Management Policy. Marius van der Colff of E9 said “By metering individual plant or areas of the site we can build up a profile of energy consumption. This helps to quantify the energy cost of individual plant and to identify where energy savings can be made. Often this can be by making simple operational changes.”


NAMTEC is a not for profit organisation established to increase the competitiveness of the UK metals industry. Services include a technical helpline, signposting to the science base and project management. NAMTEC is financed by the Department of Trade and Industry, Yorkshire Forward and the European Union’s Objective One Programme.

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