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Evolve14k1 moves into Australia
October 13th, 2005

E9 Limited announced today from headquarters in Coventry, a deal signed to address the environmental management market in Australia.

Keston Technologies Pty Ltd have teamed up with E9 Limited to distribute the Evolve14k1 product in the Australia and neighbouring territories.

Dr. John R. Trainor Managing Director of E9 said “We are pleased to have Keston on board and look forwards to the impact that they will have. Evolve14k1 has proved to be a popular product with manufacturing companies in the UK. We have identified a niche opportunity in Australia as the wider industrial base down under goes green”.

Dr. Richard Ball CEO of Keston Technologies Pty Ltd said “Good environmental performance is fast becoming a key performance indicator for companies across Australia in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and logistics. I am confident that Evolve will prove to be a valuable tool in helping companies achieve this goal.”

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